Nancy Archer's exclusive Indigo Blooms print and a new Cut and Sew Button Tote Kit!

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Hello Maddalee friends, My exclusive Nancy Archer with Maddalee Indigo Blooms print is now available in a new Cut and Sew Button Tote Kit! It's been so much fun for me, here you go, the full tutorial:


Materials needed:

1) The Maddalee Cut and Sew Indigo Blooms Cloth Kit available here at the Maddalee Etsy shop.

2) Thread

3) Fabric shears

4) Needle

5) 4 pretty coordinating buttons for the handles.

6) Sewing pins

7) Iron

8) Sewing Machine

**Tips and Tricks: Click on any of the photos to see larger detail.

• Carefully cut out all of the tote panels.

• Fold the interior "phone" pocket in half, right sides together. Stitch around, leaving an opening as shown. Trim the corners off as shown.

• Turn the pocket right side out and press flat, being careful to press the open seams inside.

• Pin to the inside lining panel as shown, centering on the panel, the panel without the Maddalee heart.

• Stitch onto the lining panel, as shown.

• Place lining panels right sides together. Pin sides and bottom, as shown.

• Stitch these three seams at 1/4" seam allowance.

• Bring the open corners together and pin, as shown.

• Stitch these two seams, again at 1/4".

• Fold the outside pocket panel in half as shown, and top stitch on the inside of each yellow line, as shown.

• Line the outside pocket up with an outside tote panel as shown, lining the bottoms and sides up.

• Place the second outside tote panel on top, right sides together, and stitch the two side seams at 1/4" seam allowance.

• Turn these outside tote panels right side out and press seams open.

• Take the light blue bottom tote panel and pin to the outside panels at the bottom as shown.

**Tips and Tricks: See the blue dots I made with a fading sewing marker at the halfway mark on each side of the bottom? Line these dots up with the halfway point of each side and pin first. Then ease the fabric and pin each corner. It's now easier to ease the rest of the seam together, pinning as you go.

• Another view of above.

• Stitch the bottom to the sides at 1/4" as shown.

• Stitch each handle piece to another, right side together at 1/4", as shown. I kept both ends open. Turn the handles right sides out, pulling a bit at a time until you can get your finger inside and pull a bit faster. Press seams open and handles flat.

• Top stitch around all sides of the handles, as shown.

• Now we are closer, so fun! Take the lining and place inside the outside tote, lining up the side seams. Fold the lining over where the light blue panel meets the white print interior. (This is easier if the fold line has been pressed.) Fold the bottom of the blue panel in at 1/2" and pin through all layers carefully, as shown, easing fabric as you go. Top stitch through all layers, close the the bottom edge of the light blue panel, as shown below.

• Pin the handles to the top of the tote, as shown. Be careful to make sure they are placed where you would like, but also even to the front and back and same distance from each side seam. Stitch the bottom edge to the tote.

• Time to stitch cute buttons to the tote at the bottom of each handle as shown above. (You can see I changed my mind about the buttons shown at the beginning of this tutorial. Those buttons were about 1" and I found I liked these blue buttons better, they are 1.5".  I found them on Etsy here. Now time to grab your new Button Tote and go have some fun!

Was this tutorial fun? I would love to hear from you, my sweet Maddalee friends, and I hope you are all well.



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  1. This is SO adorable!!
    These style tote bags were so popular
    in high school, it was the "cool" way to
    carry your books!

    I love the way the flowers pop against the indigo!