Maddalee's Cloth Kit Cut and Sew Doll House Tote is now available for Maddalee and Jessa fun!

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Hello Maddalee friends, here is another fun project to make for our little Maddalee friends! This little Cloth Kit Cut and Sew Doll House Tote is a very easy and fun project and a perfect addition to the Maddalee and Jessa kits! Here you go, the full tutorial:

Materials needed:

1) The Maddalee Cut and Sew Fabric Doll House Tote Kit panels available here at the Maddalee Etsy shop. (Check out the Maddalee and Jessa Cloth Kit Cut and Sew Dolls, if you haven't seen them yet!)

2) Thread

3) Fabric shears

4) Needle

5) 2 pretty coordinating buttons for the handle. (See the photo example below.)

6) Sewing pins

7) Iron

**Tips and Tricks: Click on any of the photos to see larger detail.

• Carefully cut each of the pieces out and press flat.

• Stitch the lining pieces with 1/4" seams, right sides together, on the sides and bottom. Leave a 5" opening in the middle of the bottom, for turning inside out later. Do the same with the outer pieces, but don't leave the opening in the bottom.

• Pin and stitch 1/4" seams on each of the four bottom corners, as shown.

• Insert the lining into the outsides of the tote, lining up the side seams and pin. Stitch 1/4" seams.

• Turn the tote inside out through the bottom opening we left in the lining.

• Slip stitch the opening in the bottom of the lining shut

• Turn the lining into the inside of the tote and press the seam flat, pulling the fabric at the seams out as you go.

• Top stitch around the top edge of the tote, at just over 1/8" or so.

• Stitch the sides of the two handle pieces together, right sides together at just under about 1/4". Turn inside out, leaving about 1/2" rolled inside on each end. Press the seams flat, pulling the fabric at the seams out as you go. Top stitch all the way around at just over 1/8".

**Tips and Tricks: This can take a little time, just go easy and slow, watch your favorite tv show and get the inside out process started, pulling a bit at at time. Once enough has been pulled inside out and you can get your pinky inside to help pull all the way out, you can continue much faster. It took me about 12 minutes or so.

• Stitch the handle to each side of the tote with a button, as shown above. Oh my...that was pretty quick and easy for such a fun little Doll House Tote?

• Now just add your Maddalee and Jessa Dolls, or books, legos, crafts and anything else fun and be on your way. I had fun, hope you did also : )

Was this tutorial fun? I would love to hear from you, my sweet Maddalee friends, and I hope you are all well.



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  1. Adorable bag! I can see millions of girls with their dolls and doll accessories running around the house. This is too cute! You should sell a bundle set: bag + doll + doll friend + pet + outfits, etc. for Christmas!! Then, other sets and items can be smaller to allow for a price range. I can't wait!