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Hello Maddalee Friends! We created this tutorial to help with using Maddalee Print and Cut Files for the Silhouette from our Maddalee Etsy Shop. Why a special tutorial for the Etsy Shop files? I am allowed to share my Silhouette Studio files for free, but I can't sell this file extension for the more complicated files that I have for sale on Etsy, Silhouette does not allow sales of their files. We use hi resolution JPG print files partnered with DXF cutting files at Etsy and it works great. No worries, the file formats that I do sell on Etsy work very easily, as shown here in this tutorial.

Clicking on each image will enlarge the detail, if it's difficult to see.

Open your Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software, and turn your Silhouette Cameo on. In the right panel, I have chosen "Letter" as page size, indicated by the pink dot.

Drag and drop your hi-res jpg print file into the program, or upload to the library and open from there.

Move the file to the center of the page, the ruler coordinates will both be at zero on the top and right rulers.

Click on the "Registration Mark" icon in the top toolbar, indicated by the pink dot. Check the "Show Reg Marks" button in the right panel. I also chose 0.500" in each of the "Reg Mark Margins" boxes, also marked by pink dots.

Drag and drop the dxf cut file that corresponds to the print file on top of the hi-res jpg print file. Or open it from your library, if you prefer. Now for me and my Mac, the dxf files always come in too small. Not to worry, it's an easy fix!

Select the dxf cut file that sits on top of the hi-res jpg print file. Move it a little to make sure you have the correct cut dxf file selected, and not the hi-res jpg print file. In the top toolbar, select the "Scale Window" icon, indicated by the pink dot. In the right panel, check the "Lock Aspect Ratio" box and specify 8.5" x 11" in the W (width) and H (height) boxes. You should see the black cut line dxf file increase in size. If your files are too large for the live cutting area, you can also go to an overall smaller size here with both files through this panel, just make sure the size of each file, printing jpg and cutting dxf, are the same in the width and height boxes. We create the Maddalee files so that the print and cut file sizes will resize correctly together here with the "Lock Aspect Ratio" box checked and the same width and height.

Move the now correctly sized dxf cut file to match up exactly with the print images. This should be quiet easy to do. **Some of our dxf cut files lines are intentionally created to sit just inside the printed objects, creating a "bleed" for better cutting results on more solid color pieces. Line up as you would to the outline of the printed objects, leaving a slight border edge on the jpg print file. Cutting just inside the print edge creates better results on solid objects.

Open the "Cut Style Window" with the icon in the top toolbar, indicated by the pink dot. In the right panel choose "Cut" indicated by a pink dot.

Let's go ahead and print the file on bright white cardstock. Select the "Send to Printer" icon in the top toolbar, indicated by the pink dot. Print to your desktop printer.

The print looks good with registration marks? Nice, now let's get ready to cut. Choose the "Send to Silhouette" icon in the top toolbar, indicated by guessed it! Pink dot :) In the right panel, click on "skip printing", as the file has already printed, also indicated with a pink dot.

Follow the 5 steps in the right panel.

Go through the Silhouette Cut Settings in the right panel, and make appropriate choices, determined by your paper/cardstock media. And Cut!

Good luck! Maybe you are an expert, I certainly am not but worked through a lot of issues while learning what I needed to do for these file formats. I hope it goes well the first time, if not try again, sometimes it's the littlest thing that we miss that is holding the project up. I have had many trial and error attempts the past few weeks, but now this workflow has been consistently good for me. Let me know how it goes!

Thank you so much for visiting! I'd love to keep in touch.

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