UPDATE! Maddalee's DIY Little Dinosaur Halloween Costume, Free Tutorial and Pattern is ready and posted!

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Hello my Maddalee Friends, we are in the middle of a holiday weekend here in the US, and I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! And how lucky could we be here in my home to have my sweet grandson for the weekend while his parents celebrate their anniversary away for a few days! I jump at any excuse, he is a dear child. My son and daughter-in-law also asked if I could make a dinosaur costume for him, and I completely agreed. Is this face the cutest and most handsome ever? Ok, I know...I'm his Grammie, it's ok if I think it is : ) Here we are trying to photograph this little moving target to showcase the project for our tutorial. I am quite happy with the costume results, it's cute and still comfortable and warm for cold Halloween days for little ones, although this little one was a little overwhelmed, or underwhelmed and didn't quite get it. But I came away with a few fun photos out of many I took...

...even though he was a little shy of the whole "wearing this hoodie so Grammie can take photos" process. But we got him to twirl and do a "Dino Dance" and that took his mind off of things a bit. And of course, every little Halloween Dinosaur needs a Dinosaur book to learn how to ROAR, don't you agree? I must say I just love his tail! If you are interested in making this fun project yourself, I will have the tutorial photos and instructions with the pattern posted on Wednesday this week. Make sure you are a subscriber, as the pattern pieces for all of the felt details and tutorial will be free for subscribers. I posted the links to the hoodie, baby pants and felt that I ordered for this project a few days ago here.

Free for subscribers! Shoot me an email from your Maddalee subscription email address if you would like to download the Felt Pattern Pieces file for this Dinosaur costume and I will get a download link back to you in an email.

See the link above where I ordered a 4T hoodie for my grandson who is actually more of a 2T right now. I knew I would have to shorten the sleeves.

First I measured them while he tried the hoodie on and marked the length, and cut off the sleeves at the mark. I cut the cuffs off of the sleeve pieces and trimmed off the "seam". I also marked the sleeves as shown to stitch.

After stitching the sleeves I trimmed the extra fabric, as shown. I pinned the cuff back on to the sleeve as shown.

And stitched the cuff back on.

Cuff stitched back on, shorter sleeves.

A while ago I ordered two pairs of the "baby pants", as I knew I would use one pair for the tail. I trimmed the pant leg as marked and shown here.

Mark and cut off pant leg as I did here and stitch it up to make the pointy tail.

After stitching the tail as shown, I trimmed off the excess fabric.

Stuff the tail with polyester fiber fill.

And pin it to the lower back of the hoodie as shown. I stitched it to the hoodie with a blind stitch.

Now I did all the "spines" first. Cut them out of the Lime, Teal, Purple and Orange felt. Starting at the front of the hoodie  center seam,  stitch one after the other down to the center of the back and keep going until you end at the tip of the tail. I stitched them open and down the middle first, then folded each one together and stitched the sides to each other as shown.It took me about 15 "spines".

Stitch the blue eye piece onto one of the green eye pieces as shown. Add the black button and stitch this to another green eye piece, just the top curve, leave the lower curve open. Add a little stuffing and pin in place, as seen in the photos. Stitch onto the hoodie as shown and do the other side, pinning carefully to place eyes evenly.

Back view of the stitched-on eye.

Stitch the claws onto the sleeve cuffs just as you did the "spines". Make sure they are on the front of the sleeves, stitch down the center then pull up and together as you did the spines and stitch both sides together as shown.

Center the upper teeth and "gums" inside the edge of the upper hoodie, as shown. Stitch to the hoodie as shown, being careful to not go through to the outside of the hoodie with the stitches. Place the lower teeth and gums in place, as shown, and stitch to the inside of the hoodie just as you did the upper teeth.

Stitch the little purple nostrils to the outside of the top of the hoodie, as shown.

Place and pin the "tummy spots" onto the front of the hoodie as shown and stitch in place.

Add one little boy or girl and the second pair of green baby pants for the most adorable Halloween fun ever! xoxo

To get the download, subscribe at my new Nancy Archer Blog here, in the right column, and I will send you the password for the download page.

Thank you so much and let me know how it goes?

Feel free to use this printable file for your personal use, but not commercial use or resale (©Maddalee™). Do not share this file. If you have a friend that is also interested, will you please send them here for the download? Thank you for understanding. Please leave a comment for me if you download, I love to hear how much fun these files are.



  1. Wow...I really love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment, Amelia! And thank you for visiting. My grandson made this project so very cute, didn't he?



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    1. Awww, thank you Caroline. Little children are the cutest, but then I love them at all ages.

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  4. This is fantastic! My kiddo wants to be a monster and I was sure I could make something this gives me some great ideas!

  5. This looks so great! I am trying to figure out a dolphin costume this year and am thinking of starting with a hoodie. You did great at the dino so hopefully mine will work out too:)

    Nicole @ HoldtheOffice.com

  6. Its very nice..kids love this kind of costumes and this dress looking so cute...very easy to make at home...Thanks for share it...

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  8. is this pattern still available somewhere?

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  13. Hello! I would love to download the printable file but I haven't figured out how to subscribe! Please let me know. Thank you!