Final Maddalee Smash Book/Art Journal Teaser before the Final Tutorial Post!

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Here we are my sweet Maddalee Friends, a final tease before the Maddalee Paris Smash Book/Art Journal DIY Kit is available for download! I have the PDF file ready and we have a real book! I must do the photo session, showcasing the inside and outside of our fun book, and go through all the tutorial photos I have and actually right the tutorial. Do you like it so far? See other teaser images here...
...there are a lot of fun pages inside, also, just waiting for you to put your own items, thoughts, memories, your own signature into the journal. I did three versions of covers before I was happy with the way they were working, but such is trial and error behind the scenes! This project will be listed for sale at the Maddalee Etsy Shop, but I will offer it for free to my subscribers for a week after the finished project is posted, as it is quite a large project (30 plus pages, and tutorial.) I will ask that you also bring me a new friend and subscriber for the free offer for both of you. But being a Maddalee subscriber is, hopefully, a good thing! So share Maddalee with your friends and family, and find someone that will be a subscriber buddy with you! I have a busy weekend with my grandson and must get his dinosaur Halloween costume finished and photographed while he is here for five days, but I am planning on the final post for this project toward the end of next week.

Thank you, I love you all and would love for you to share this fun project! Have a wonderful day : )


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