Maddalee's Funny Friends DIY Kids Puzzle Game

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Another summer Monday, I hope you all had a good weekend! We had my little grandson over for a sleepover, and had wonderful family time when we took him back to his Mommy and Daddy and big brothers on Sunday, my favorite kind of weekend! A week or so ago I posted the "Painted Hearts" Wall Art Tutorial using these little wooden tiles, and thought they would also make great puzzle pieces for children's toys... I worked all week designing these cute little Maddalee Funny Friends, do you like them? We could make many more and different sets for more fun, I think! What cute gifts this would make for party favors or to give an older sibling when you give a new baby gift? Super easy, just print out the PDF and glue to the 2" x 2" wood tiles. Cut the tiles yourself, or order some from Etsy, see the link below. They could also be glued on to 2" x 2" x 2" wood blocks for a "swivel" game.

Thank you so much and let me know how it goes?

Purchase sets of 10-2" wooden squares here at Etsy for $4.00.


1) 12-2" Wooden Squares, see Etsy link above.

2) PDF Download, printed out and trimmed.

3) Glue

4) Mod Podge, if desired.


1) Print out the PDF pages.

2) Trim pieces.

3) Paint the Wooden Squares the color of your choice, or leave natural.

4) Glue one Maddalee Funny Friend piece to each of 12 Wooden Squares.

5) Mod Podge over Tiles, if desired.

9) Enjoy!

Feel free to use this printable file for your personal use, but not commercial use or resale (©Maddalee™). Do not share this file. If you have a friend that is also interested, will you please send them here for the download? Thank you for understanding. Please leave a comment for me if you download, I love to hear how much fun these files are.



  1. meencantaria tener este precioso conjunto ,muchas gracias todo:

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    Maddalee's Funny Friends DIY Kids Puzzle Game, Free Printables!

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  3. Please send me the download.. I am a follower.. :)
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  4. Just ordered my squares!!! Can't wait to make these and the Awesome Animals for my daughter for Christmas!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

    1. Oh so fun! I am also going to make a set for my sweetest not quite 2 year old grandson for Christmas!

      xoxo Nancy

  5. Would love a copy of these as well. Thanks.

  6. Please send me a download. I am a follower.

  7. Please send me the download. I am subscribed and love these!

  8. Thanks! I LOVE all of your ideas and come to your blog ALL the time for inspiration!

  9. I'm your follower and I love your craft ideas, I would be grateful if you send me the download

    Karolina, mother of three boys :)

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  13. Hello, I am subscribed and following, I have sent mail through contact a few weeks ago, but haven't figured out yet how to download these. Could you help me? Normally I would buy them but last year I had a head on car wreck and multiple surgeries and no income for over a year, lawsuit pending and am so wanting to make these as a Christmas gifts for my twin grandbabies so I don't feel bad about not having gifts for them

  14. Hi please can I have the download (I think I have subscribed again) thinking it was for the download sorry Liz
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