Remembering my Childhood Creativity, a Maddalee Retro Journal and Bookmark Project

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Happy Monday and hopefully a beautiful spring day for you, my Maddalee friends! If any of you made the Recipe Journal and Gift Tag Set (As seen here.) posted a while ago, you may have an extra Moleskine journal left to play with. If not, they are quite inexpensive if used for gifts, (12.95 plus shipping for a set of two.) The Moleskine info and link are below.

My daughter came across a few journals I made in sixth and seventh grade and had quite forgotten about, 40ish years ago! They are falling apart and faded, but I could still see how my style clearly is my style and hasn't changed all that much over these many past years. I have a very fun publishing project in the works and was inspired by these old and tattered pieces while pulling materials together for the publisher this weekend. I thought it would be fun to share a project with all of you and rather than making it a complicated cutting design, as some recent projects here at Maddalee have been, I would simplify the design as many of us are very busy, but still love our pretty things! Wouldn't this little journal and the bookmarks be the most fun to make for a preteen or teenage girl's sleepover, a ladies' book party or whatever kind of party might be planned? I think these would also be adorably fun for a bride and bridesmaid party or bridal shower as party favors, don't you agree?
To get the download:
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Thank you so much and let me know how it goes?

These are the journal sets I ordered, one in the pinks and one in the purples.

Moleskine Volant Large Ruled Notebook (Set of 2) (5 x 8.25)
Pages: 96 pages (48 leaves)
Size: 5 x 8.25 inches (13 x 21 cm)


1) 4 small buttons, as seen in the photo above.

2) Embroidery floss or thread.

3) Narrow satin ribbon

4) Assorted beads.

5) One Moleskine Journal, can be purchased here.

6) Bright white card stock.

7) Desktop printer.

8) Very large needle with a large eye.

9) The high res PDF file.


1) Print out the 2 page PDF.

2) Trim pieces.

3) Stitch the printed journal front panel to the front of your Moleskine journal with a button at each corner. (If you remember with the recipe journal, glue doesn't adhere to the Moleskine's, so we sew!

4) String satin ribbon through the bookmarks and add beads before tieing ribbon ends together.

5) Enjoy!

Thank you so much for being a Maddalee Friend. My tutorials can be long, but this project really is quite easy, let me know how it goes? Thank you!

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  1. Hi, I've already join your mailing list, please send me the Maddalee's Retro Journal and Bookmarks printable PDF link to
    Thank you.

    1. Hi, thanks for your email, sometimes I miss requests here at the blog and get them out better with email requests. I will send yours this evening when I get to requests.



  2. I love these! I am getting into art journaling and trying to find all the printables to save on the cost. It is a little addicting. LOL