Maddalee's Bitty Bunny, Free Felt Bunny Pattern and Tutorial

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Isn't she sweet? Our little Maddalee Bitty Bunny sewing pattern is a free download with this free tutorial! I hope you all enjoy her and have as much fun as I have had with this little design. I also hope you all show your Maddalee love and comment/chat with me, follow, friend or subscribe to this little blog, to keep us going for more fun. Stay tuned for more Bitty Bunny felt projects and printable fun, also!

I used a dark peach, light peach, aqua blue, a bit of lime green, and perrywinkle blue felt. Embroidery floss to match and a little narrow white satin ribbon with a bit of stuffing to make Bitty Bunny.

1) Cut pieces according to the pattern cutting guides. See the download link below.

2) Stitch the light peach cheeks to the face with a slip stitch, as shown.
3) Add a French Knot for each eye and nose, as shown.
4) Slip stitch the head front to the head back.
5) Add a bit of stuffing to the head before it's totally stitched together, as shown.
6) Finish stitching front head to back head, as shown below.

7) Stitch light peach tummy onto the body front with a slip stitch, as shown.
8) Begin stitching body front to body back.
9) Add a bit of stuffing to each arm and each leg as you go along with the slip stitching.
10) Once the body front and backs are stitched together as shown, add a bit more stuffing to the tummy.
11) Stitch a running stitch around the outer edge of the tail, leaving long ends, as shown.

12) Pull the tail stitching tight while adding a bit of stuffing. Tie ends together securely.
13) Slip stitch the bunny tail to the bunny's bottom.

14) Tuck the bunny's "head" neck inside the folded-in bunny's "tummy" neck and pin, as shown.
15) Do an invisible or ladder stitch between the head and body, continue doing the same on the back of the bunny.

Bunny front.

Bunny back.

16) Cut out the bunny skirt and the little flower circles and flower petal pieces.
17) Stitch the flowers to the bunny head and skirt, as shown.
18) Wrap the skirt around the bunny's tummy and stitch together in the back with the satin ribbon and one stitch, tie a bow with the ribbon and trim the ends, as shown in photo two up above.

Hello, Bitty Bunny!

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Feel free to use this pattern for your personal use, but not commercial use or resale (©Maddalee™). Do not share this pattern. If you have a friend that is also interested, will you please send them here for the download? Thank you for understanding. Please leave a comment for me if you download, I love to hear how much fun these files are.