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Hello my sweet Maddalee Friends! Do you remember the recipe journal tutorial I talked about before Christmas? The first project that I gave away here at Maddalee was a Recipe Journal, Recipe Cards and Gift Tags that I made by hand, before my print and cut days. That project can be seen here.

I wanted to be able to share a similar project with my Maddalee Friends, but knew that the first journal set I made was out of most people's grasp, it would have been an impossible tutorial as I barely knew what I was doing as I worked on the project. I thought I could design something similar starting with a ready-made blank book and started searching the internet for a product that was a good fit. I ended at Moleskine (See the link below) with these lovely 5" x 8.25" journals. They come two to a pack, two shades of the same color, I ordered the pink and purple sets.

These little journals are only 12.95 (plus shipping) for two, add a few sheets of paper, a button, some ribbon and glue and you have a sweet little gift for around 10.00 each? That really is sweet! However I came upon a problem as I started developing the project before Christmas. I wanted a pocket on the inside of both covers that folded and wrapped around to the outside of both covers, front and back. Engineering the pocket was not a problem, but I found that the colored, wipeable journal cover would not let glue stick to it, so my pocket tabs were nicely glued on the inside but would not hold on the outside. I became too busy to deal with it at the time.

Now several months later I have looked at those four pretty little journals almost every day, and decided to figure it out. And here we are—if the outside pocket flap won't stick to the cover with glue, let's stitch it on! See the photo above. With my new Silhouette Cameo, I was able to cut the holes so easily, but anyone without a print and cut system could also poke holes with their big honking sewing needle.

So here we are, isn't this set the most fun? We have the journal with front and back inside pockets, recipe cards and the "From The Kitchen Of" gift tags. I am giving this one to my daughter, she loves it, even though she sees the stuff I do every day and gets a little glazed over when things are bustling in my studio.

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Thank you so much and let me know how it goes?

This is the journal set I ordered in the purples—it's almost the same size as the journal I made for the giveaway:

Moleskine Volant Large Ruled Notebook (Set of 2) (5 x 8.25)
Pages: 96 pages (48 leaves)
Size: 5 x 8.25 inches (13 x 21 cm)


1) A small button, as seen in the photo above.

2) Narrow satin ribbon

3) One Moleskine Journal, can be purchased here.

4) Bright white cardstock and your choice of card stock for the pockets and tags.

5) Desktop printer with ink, scissors or print and cut system, fine line Sharpie and a bit of glue.

5) Very large needle with a large eye.

6) The high res PDF files.


1) Print out two copies of the round tag fronts, cut out.

2) Cut out 12 or so tag backs

3) Glue the "From the Kitchen Of" tag circles and one of the "My Favorite Recipes" tag circles to the tag backs, finish with ribbon ties.

4) Print out six pages of the recipe cards, cut out.

5) Cut out two of the pockets.

6) Vertically score the pockets from the inside point of one glue tab to the inside point of the other.

7) Score where the glue tabs fold in, fold all.

8) Position the front flap of the front pocket onto the journal. Carefully mark each little hole with a Sharpie through the pocket onto the journal, being careful not to mark the actual pocket.

9) Lay the journal with the cover open onto a cutting mat or cardboard and poke holes through each mark with sharp little scissors or your big honking needle, not too large, now.

10) Thread the satin ribbon through the large needle and stitch the front pocket flap onto the front cover. Before actually stitching, make sure you fold the pocket on the vertical fold and fold the tabs in and see that it's right. See how the glue tabs will fold in on the inside, creating a pocket once glued? I started in hole number two and did a back stitch on each end, ending with the ribbon on the outside. Tie cute little knots in the ribbon and trim, as in the photos above. Repeat for the back cover/back pocket.

11) Fold both pockets to the inside and fold the glue tabs inside. Carefully glue each tab to the inside front or back cover.

12) Find the tag made previously with the "My Favorite Recipes" circle on it. Now, this gets glued to the front pocket panel, you will want to check placement in the photo above and imitate that closely, as we can't glue onto the journal cover, but we can get glue to adhere to the cardstock front panel. Glue in place onto the cardstock. We will secure the other end with ribbon and a little button now. With your Sharpie, mark two little dots through the tag's single hole. Punch through the cover as we did previously. Now with the large needle and ribbon, "stitch" through the button, then the tag, the cover and come back out again through all. Tie a square not in the ribbon and tie the cute little knots on the ribbon ends and trim.

13) Glue one of the "My Favorite Recipes" circles to each inside pocket, see photos above for placement.

You are finished! Congratulations and thank you so much for being a Maddalee Friend. My tutorials are very long, but this project really went quite fast for me, let me know how it goes? Thank you!

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  1. This looks like a really fun and practical project. I look forward to making it.

  2. hi Nancy! just recently found your blog and OH HOW I LOVE YOUR PROJECTS! so much so i'm your GFC aaaannnd i nominated you for the Leibster Award!
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    1. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for visiting and for the invite! I went over and linked up...I hope to visit again soon.

      Have a wonderful day,


  3. I'd love a link to this project! I sit in a lot of doctors' offices and find recipes I'd like to try in their magazines, so this would be so perfect for me! Thank you!

    1. Hi Barbara, your file has been sent. Thank you so much for visiting here at Maddalee and being a new friend! Take care.

      xoxo Nancy

  4. What a great idea and cute project. I'd like to make this for gifts but I can't seem to get the file downloaded. Can you send me the link please? Would appreciate. Also, liked your FB page as well as posted it on my timeline for friends to see. Mahalo!! My email is:

  5. love ur recipe journal card but i did not get the download in my gmail plz send it to me its really cute and creative.