Wrigley, You are Famous on the Interwebz! Inspiration Comes in Many Forms :°)

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Our littlest dog Wrigley has been a bit of a family project. She has come to be a permanent member of my home, as my oldest son lives with his family and a very large (sweet, but very large) American Bulldog, Rogan, now. The dogs get along well, but little Wrigley does get tired of getting bombarded by the big dogs at times, American Bulldog, Chocolate Moose, I mean Lab...and a Husky-Boxer mix. Although I must say that Rogan is always a gentleman when Wrigley visits at his house. Wrigley lives here with us now and just loves to visit with her "Daddy", my oldest son and his family either here or at his house. She loves them so.

All this aside, when thinking of the perfect pet for our Maddalee Paper Doll, of course Wrigley was front and center and became Maddalee's Christmas Puppy, Wrigley, this year. Her little quizzical face is hard not to love, don't you agree? Wrigley, you are famous and we love you, sweet little puppy! Thankfully, since this photo was taken we have learned from one of my BFFs how to trim her eyes up better, and she can see! :°)

Have a Wrigley day!

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