Small Home, Warm, Festive & Fun Home Series Part Two

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I hope your weekends are going well, it's beautiful, warm and sunny here today, but still feels like the holidays! I was lucky enough to attend my step grandson's roller skating birthday party yesterday and also spend the evening with his little brother, my nine month old grandson while my son and daughter-in-law went to another friend's birthday party dinner. Very fun! And then here is another glimpse into my small but festive home, we have had a lot of fun decorating. Do you change decor every holiday, or do you do the years and years of memories thing? I do some of both, I love to see and hear what others do.

I do love my "foyer/entryway", for a smaller townhome, it's pretty and large enough to be a small gathering/downstairs office area. Many townhomes I looked at had entries that just dump you into the living room. I like the little buffer here between the front entry and my living space. My real office/studio is upstairs, but I worked at this little desk for seven months when my youngest son was still living with us and he rescued Moose, his Chocolate Lab. Moose did not like being cooped up upstairs with me all day, and I couldn't trust him downstairs, just him and his imagination with our other two we carried my Mac down and there we were. I do like it up here for work, but we made do. He would sleep on my feet under this little black desk!

I have collected childrens books for many years, its fun but also a great way to have different illustration inspiration here at my home/studio. But let's be frank, I really just love them, and books in general. My birthday is on Christmas and a gift I receive on occasion from sweet friends and family are Christmas books, I love them so also. I am fortunate to have worked and volunteered in an artist's group with Tim Botts a number of years ago, and I cherish his "Messiah" calligraphy Christmas book. Signed by Tim with his special talents, I do cherish it!

And another little Christmas book showcase in my "foyer/entryway", perhaps my favorite of all time is the "Nativity" pop up book by Francesca Crespi. So very beautifully illustrated and engineered in the paper arts. The "Steadfast Tin Soldier", in addition to felt and clothespin soldier ornaments my grandmother made so many years ago was inspiration for the "Angel and Soldier" ornaments I created this year. So I do some new things every year, put a few things away for my children and keep decorating with some items year after year. I hope you enjoy the little glimpse into my world, I wish we were actually sharing a latté here and chatting :) Small Home, Warm Home series part three will post next week! See Part One in the series here.

Happy Sunday!


  1. The layering is really pretty here, Nancy, and I LOVE those glass (acrylic?) candlestick holders! Fabulous.
    p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

  2. Thank you so much, Brittney! It's good to see you here also. The candlesticks are glass, from Target actually and not too expensive. I do like them.

    Have a good week,