Ha Ha, Kids Drawings are so Funny!

I was rear ended in my VW Bug on Tuesday, what a drag but all is good now with no injuries and the other guy's insurance is handling the whole repair without a problem. Going through my glove compartment afterwards, as I needed all my insurance stuff and so forth, I came across three crumpled drawings in the bottom. My Bug is a 2001, so we've had it awhile. These are made by my youngest son who is now 24. I'm sure he did them in middle school, you know how long they've been in there! They are very funny, it turned my day around to see them again.

Now, if we were to look closely here, we might see into the mind of a 12 year old boy. Notice the dark glasses and cane, then the t-shirt guy in a wheelchair with a helicopter beanie on his head, just like the big guy is wearing? So if this young man in the drawing is blind, he is on roller blades also! Now, my son does not have a mean thought in his head, I'm sure he was making fun of no one, just letting his mind wander...and thinking blah blah blah :°)

And then here we have another beanie wearing dude who most likely is a super hero with the cape and all. Also, the "SH" letters on his t-shirt would certainly back up the super hero theory. The best part is that this super hero runs around in what must be those heavy duty gold-toed stockings! Always good to be prepared!

Imagination is an awful thing to lose as we grow up, it's good to remember through the eyes of a child now and then.

Have a wonderful, creative and imaginative day!

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