Falling Leaves and an 8" x 10" Ginko Print

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I am updating today to add this quick photo I was finally able to get to, as I didn't yesterday. The free 8 x 10 prints I give away here at maddalee are small, but in the right area, I think they can be lovely! I really like this part of my home, a cozy and bright great room right next to the dining room, kitchen and glass doors to the backyard. We spend all of our time here! Well, I wish I spent more time here, I seem to be in my studio/office upstairs too much. I love it up there in the bright loft and can look out at the top of our changing maple trees and down on this area in the photo. Here is the other cosmo print photo that I posted earlier, also...same frames, same small "print at home" prints. I love the pop of color! Maybe you also have a place that needs a small pop of color. I do have all of these prints available in larger sizes, email me if you are interested.

I do love the color that fall brings to our lives. The crisp and cool mornings are very pretty, although I have to admit I miss the warmer weather already, even with the cold days of winter still a little way off. It's just the switching gears thing and my body getting ready for a new season. I must say I have rarely worn socks all summer, and now when I wake up, before I go down for coffee and to start my day, I am pulling socks on with my jammies as I think the thought of them just make me feel warmer, even if they are about the smallest items of clothing that I own! My home is primarily soft blues, teals, creams, "grayish putty" and linen whites. This ginko print hangs in my great room in a black frame with a white mat. I should go down and take a photo to add here, maybe I will get a chance to do that in a bit. Do you ever consider other colors for your fall decor? I just love some of the painted pumpkins that I have been seeing on fun blogs and Pinterest, pastels, grays, whites and silver for Halloween. These would be perfect for my home, so many people think out of the box this way better than I do. Thank Heavens for Pinterest! It gets me to think a little differently about so many things. What are some of your favorites for this time of year?

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  1. totally lovely. And I adore the fuschia set.

    I'm very curious about your process :)

    Blessings -- Susan

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I hope you grabbed them all for your home, if you would like. I work a lot in Photoshop, commercially and a little like this "watercolor" style. I wish I was better with real paint brushes, but give me Photoshop and I can do a lot with a photo to make what I like to think is a painting.

      Have a good day, Nancy

  2. edvanginkel@aol.comMarch 25, 2013 at 5:49 PM

    I would love this Falling Leaves Print to add a pop of color to my Guest Bedroom! Thank you! edvanginkel@aol.com