Santa's Ogre Elf Fairy Wands...Better not Pout!

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Come back in November when our Ogre Elves come back for the Holiday Season!

Five Minute Cocoa Hot Fudge Sauce...Yummm!

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We have eaten through all the Thanksgiving pies and the Spumoni and Waffle Cone ice cream flavors that were left from our holiday celebration. Last night as the evening sweet attack got us, all we had was humble vanilla ice cream left in the freezer, from our sweet apple pie dessert. What to do, what to do...not even any chocolate syrup in the fridge. I remembered the hot fudge sauce I used to make when my children were little. The recipe was one of the first I ever made in my first-ever microwave, it was out of the recipe book that came with that microwave and of course, that recipe book was not to be found. I did a search for microwave hot fudge and found a recipe right away that was just like the one I used to make. It's so easy, and really so luscious without being too sweet or gummy-syrupy! It only takes minutes to make, smells like brownies and tastes like a brownie fudge sundae on vanilla ice cream. I always have these ingredients on hand, so when the chocolate attack hits and we don't even have chocolate chips in the house, I must remember this easy recipe. I stirred my coffee this morning with the chocolate-sauce covered spoon left from my little photo-shoot, so delicious! :) Enjoy!

Wriggley! Maddalee's Christmas Puppy Ornaments

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As we, here at Maddalee, start offering our design to retail manufacturers, the Maddalee Ornaments will not be available for a bit...but may come to a store near you in the future! We will still offer our special free projects to sweet Maddalee subscribers, plus new fun as our products hit the stores. Stay tuned!

Small Home, Warm, Festive & Fun Home Series, Part One

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I will admit it, I am a baby boomer. On the tail end of the boomers, but I am a boomer. I have had large and beautiful homes, at one time we had a combination of six children and we were fun, a circus...but fun. Now with only one adult child living at home, my sweetest daughter, We have downsized to a town home that I love, but it is smaller than what we used to have and I may feel "large home" envy at this time of year when we decorate and entertain. My "circus" may not live with me every day any more, but they all tend to show up for family dinners and fun, bringing more dogs and grandchildren with them. But, what could ever be better?

My daughter sewed these sweet mini stockings several years ago with my help when we had our first Christmas here in town-home land. We updated some colors with our decor and got this idea from some very small ornament stockings at Crate and Barrel that year that were full of buttons. I am also fortunate to have a matching table runner that we made to coordinate with the stockings and just love them all.

This was our "real tree" several years ago, when my youngest son was still living with us and had his Chocolate Lab "Moose" with him. I love Moose very much, but he is large and like a bull in a china shop, so we decided to have a table top tree and try to save ourselves. This poor little tree from Pottery Barn just wasn't up to my heavier glass ornaments, but it was our tree for one Christmas. We put lighter weight decor on it now and I just love the "Charlie Brown" look in my little Kitchen Island Nook.

I'm not really fond of my TV Nook, but it serves it's purpose and creates more space in my Family Room. We have had this little Santa for almost 30 years and use it every year, I still love it! My dear BFF and her family gave it to me, it matches the little Santa Candle Holder in the "Kitchen Nook" that my brother gave to me. Both from Pier One many years ago. The Bunting is a Maddalee Exclusive!

And here in this corner, a small dresser that was my Grandma's, just as the hutch in the "Stocking" photo was. The style these days is to paint our wooden things, and while I love all of that, these will stay as they are as they make me think of my Grandma this way. The little stuffed Santa, Silver Sleigh and Silver Reindeer have been with us for many years. They still have a place every year with our holiday decor.

I don't have a lot going on for decor in the kitchen, but this Pie Safe and the red things that are on it all year fit right in. My children gave me Mr. Grinch quite a few years ago for my birthday, or Christmas...hard to remember as my birthday is on Christmas! He comes out every year.

My daughter and I also put together this wreath for the front door three years ago when we updated some of our Christmas decor. It's out in the weather for it's third year now, and I think it still looks pretty, it really hasn't faded. The ornaments only look like glass, they are plastic from Target and I thought they might have faded in the afternoon sun that hits our front porch. I do tend to love my Christmas looking a bit like a Dr. Seuss book, fun and festive!

We still have the table top tree between my two large club chairs. I really have come to like it up off the floor with all the dogs romping around and now my little grandson who has started crawling. I wish I was good enough to take a photo that shows how bright and warm our little tree is, and how that light and warmth dances around the room! As my birthday is on Christmas, I have always collected ornaments and have been given ornaments as gifts. Sweet! I love them all and if I don't have a tree in my future large enough to hold them all, I have three children lined up to have their share of the ornaments that added to our wonderful holiday memories. See Part Two in this series here.

I hope your home is warm and bright with the changing season. I am blessed to celebrate my faith and love with my family and home that I do love. Everyone needs a warm place to feel at home in, I hope you all find this and have a happy season! May God Bless.


Felt Christmas Stockings, Pattern Two

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The Stocking Patterns will be available again in the fall 2013. :)

©Maddalee™ 2012. For personal use only. This pattern is not to be sold, shared, or distributed in any form.

Have a wonderful week!

Maddalee Paper Doll Bunting Banner

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As we, here at Maddalee, start offering our design to retail manufacturers, the Maddalee Paper Doll Bunting Banner will not be available for a bit...but may come to a store near you in the future! We will still offer our special free projects to sweet Maddalee subscribers, plus new fun as our products hit the stores. Stay tuned!
Have a good day, I'd love to visit!

From the Kitchen of Jamie and Craig Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream!

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My son Craig is a foodie, I asked if he and my daughter-in-law Jamie would like to try out a guest post recipe, and they thought it would be fun. They are a very busy young family, as most young families are, Craig thought it would be a great outlet for them to have a little fun while they do something they must anyway, prepare food for the boys! I am really happy they wanted to help me out, and we all enjoyed it, I think they will do it again. Now, I must get my daughter scheduled in as well, she is our amazing cake, cookie and sweets baker. Actually, Julie got us started with the homemade ice cream, as well! I was lucky enough to lick the spoon while the kids made this pumpkin ice cream, it was very good.

Felt Christmas Stockings, Pattern One

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The Christmas Stocking Patterns will be available again in the fall 2013. :)

©Maddalee™ 2012. For personal use only. This pattern is not to be sold, shared, or distributed in any form.

Wishing us all a bright week!

Enter by 11/11/12 to Win Maddalee's Hand-Crafted Recipe Journal Gift Set!

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Congratulations to Maddalee's friend and follower Dee, my daughter drew her name out of our "lucky bowl". Thank you all who entered our first little giveaway here at Maddalee, we will do more, along with our regular fun! I really am enjoying getting to know all of my new friends here. xo

Welcome to Maddalee's first giveaway that isn't a downloaded PDF!

This Recipe Journal Gift Set is handmade by me, Nancy. I have done a lot of things with art papers back in the day before going into commercial design, my BFA major interest was printmaking.

It's been a lot of fun doing this project! The journal is 7" x 9" closed and opens up to 18 blank pages and two folder pockets. It closes with the blue ribbon wrap-around. Also included are 8-6" x 4" recipe cards and 8 "From the Kitchen Of" tags.

I will be posting the printable files for these recipe cards and the tags in a week or two, so additional matching pieces can be printed to add to the set once they are all used up! I hope you all enter to win, details below photos...

Enter to win this Recipe Journal Gift Set! Entries will close at 6:00 pm CST on Sunday, November 11, 2012 and we will draw a winning name from comments that evening.

Enter up to 4 times:

1) Leave a comment on this post. We will draw a winning name using your comments. If you aren't a blogger, you can also leave a comment, under the comment box, where it says "comment as" scroll down in the drop-down menu near the bottom and click on anonymous. If you comment as anonymous, you must leave your e-mail address so we can get in touch with you if you win! If we choose a winning name with no contact information, we will draw another name and winner. Make sure to check back here at the blog Sunday evening to see who wins!

2) If you "share" Maddalee's Facebook Recipe Journal Giveaway link on Facebook with your friends on Facebook, you can come back and leave another comment, just say "Shared on Facebook" in the comment for another chance to win! While you are there, why don't you like Maddalee also!

3) If you are already a Maddalee follower, or a new Maddalee follower using either of the "Follow Maddalee Here" links in the right column, you can leave another comment that says "I am a follower." and you will have a third comment number and chance to win.

4) If you Pin this entry onto Pinterest, you can leave a fourth comment that says "I pinned it." giving you a fourth chance to win.

Have a wonderful Sunday and good luck!

Ladybug & Butterfly Box DIY Fun!

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Our Bug Box Files are updated for 2013, with Print and Cut files compatible with a Silhouette Cameo. If you have a Silhouette Cameo, these files are just the thing to print and more easily cut these little boxes. If not, these files can be printed just as before, using scissors to trim the files. See the updated files here, at Shop Maddalee and a tutorial here for using the files with the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software and your Silhouette Cameo.

We will soon be getting more of our previous Maddalee project files ready for Print and Cut with Silhouette Cameo, as well as so many new ideas we have in mind!
you for understanding.

Have a great day!